Seven Reasons They’ve Got the Wrong Job

Dmitry Geku, M. Sc. Editor & Publisher – BiziNet Magazine

Various business “gurus” and “business/life coaches” regularly publish articles exposing their business knowledge on this particular topic – “If You have the right job”. You – not them!

My article is not one of those. Usually, gurus are desperate to help you organising your life and business in the best possible way. They know better than you – they are gurus, after all. That’s why they charge you for their services and knowledge. This is fair enough – it’s a free country.

My thoughts are here for free. They come from my life experience as an ordinary person.

My Seven Reasons are more to help all of us, perhaps, if some people would get their right jobs not only for themselves, but also in sake of all of us and make our lives happier, better and our future brighter and more prosperous.

These thoughts come to my mind after communicating with some of these people who need another job. They just don’t know about this yet. Usually, they are just regular members of our community. Most of them are just regular mums and dads. The question is – Should they hold a job/position they are holding?

So, who are those people holding the wrong job?

1. A mid-level council manager has a salary of $200,000 per annum. This is just plain wrong on every level – without even taking into consideration the current economic climate and wages of business owners. I can’t imagine any situations where a government employee should be getting this kind of money. It is not a surprise for me that these people lost their sense of reality and started thinking that they are amongst the hardest working, innovative and in charge with everything and everyone. Sometimes we can even hear this shameless declaration from them – “I pay taxes too!”

2. A person holds a government position or a position in a government-funded organisation and, at the same time, owns a private business where this government organisation (or organisations this person has access to) is a client. This is called a corruption in the whole world. I’m pretty sure the Australian law says the same. There are people like this all around us and you know them. We just need to stop pretending this is not happening or can’t be happening in our country.

3. Government bureaucrat (politician), or people’s servant, or a person employed by people (read: by taxpayers) doesn’t seem to have the time to respond to calls and requests. Reasons are always the same – “Too busy”. But what are they busy with? They are busy visiting kindergartens, schools, business gatherings, opening new commercial parks or buildings in those business parks. All day, every day they report to their communities about their great achievements and on those communities’ brighter future. Are those actually their achievements and do they have anything to do with our possible brighter future? The reality is that they never planned or took a risk in building any of those buildings. They cannot influence our future, in a good way anyway. Stop pretending and count poll points and start doing something real for people who voted for you.

4. Media personalities (e.g. the employees of free to air TV channels) who regularly lie and turn facts upside-down. Some are very comfortable on a salary provided by large media conglomerates and some enjoy tax payer funding. These ladies and gentlemen have got nothing to do with media as such. They do and say what they’re told to do and say. So, you better do something real for the society you are trying to look worry about so much.

5. People who ask you one of those questions – “Don’t you do this for free?” or “Why do you charge me for this?” or “We are a not-for-profit, don’t you do this for free for us?” And please don’t get me wrong, there are people in some organisations who we are pleased to provide help to as much as we can. Usually they are the most honest and genuine individuals who are trying to help those ones in real need without thinking about themselves at all. But there is another kind whose wages and wages of their spouses depend on moneys collected during last month of their “charitable activities”. Or those who I don’t even know and they send me requests to do something for them for nothing because of their sense of entitlement or other reasons.

6. Those who are in charge with large organisations and they think that they can put some pressure on a small guy and win. This is a real bad attitude and they will never win. It’s just because of their outstanding stupidity and a massive lack of understanding of how things work in this world.

7. People who start their response to other people’s opinion with a phrase – “How dare you?!” They seem to have forgotten that this is a free country and people are free to do what they want to do and say what they wish to say. Unless it is against the law. Otherwise, North Korea is the next stop for a society where people only dare to express a pre-approved opinion or an opinion which is comfortable for the herd.

My message is to you – honest people. Please don’t be too quiet, say something when you see corruption, unlawful use of political power to a financial advantage or when someone simply thinks they can do as they please with no consequences.

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