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Jennifer Vella, Telstra Business Centre West Sydney

The National Broadband Network (NBN): a fast, smart and significant shift in the way Australia communicates. As the copper network is upgraded to optic fibre, we’re here to help bring new, improved phone and broadband solutions to your business.

What exactly is the NBN?
The NBN is a government infrastructure project to create Australia’s new communication network by upgrading or replacing existing copper network used to supply both fixed phone and internet access, with optic fibre.

The NBN will be providing broadband internet and fixed phone line access to all Australians through a combination of optic fibre, and fixed wireless and satellite technology in the harder to reach areas.

Fibre improves the speed and quality of voice and data delivery, which will better serve Australian businesses in an increasingly connected global marketplace. The infrastructure is being rolled out by the government owned NBN Co.

This means you and your business will need to move to NBN when it becomes available at your premises.

The NBN advantage for your business
As the copper network is progressively retired, and Australia makes the shift to the NBN, you and your business will benefit from superfast internet and a great range of voice services. With faster connections and consistent speeds, doing business has never been easier.

Small businesses can start operating like big businesses on an affordable scale. This means speedy uploads and downloads, real-time video conferencing with minimal delays or drop-outs, cloud computing, large bandwidth, plus flexible and multiple location connectivity. Fast, reliable internet could mean small businesses can thrive locally and compete on a national or global level

With our expertise, your business can make the most of HD video conferencing, smart call management, fast downloads, remote working, media streaming and cloud computing, helping to improve productivity, efficiency and customer communications.

The NBN rollout
The rollout will take time and is managed by NBN Co. View the rollout map to see if NBN is in your area and stay up-to-date with news regarding recently added areas and infrastructure announcements.

Contact Jennifer on 0288681190, 040788288 or email jenniferv@tbcwestsydney.com.au to see if NBN is available to you now or soon.

Connecting via fixed wireless or satellite
In more remote regions the NBN will be delivered via fixed wireless or satellite. Fixed wireless will transmit from a nearby base station to an antenna fitted to your roof, while a satellite connection will require a reception dish on your roof. When it’s available in your area, we’ll talk you through the specifics of your installation.

How can my business connect to the NBN?
Once the NBN is available in your area, you’ll need an NBN Connection Box. An NBN installer will attach a utility box or outdoor antenna outside your premises, and a connection box inside. Once this is installed, our technician will then install any Telstra equipment you need, including a new router, and set up your NBN services so you can get back to business.
Before this happens, it’s smart to be NBN-ready by selecting an NBN plan that best suits your needs.

The team at Telstra Business Centre West Sydney can help you with this, so that when the NBN comes to your area you’re good to go

What to do next?
Let the Team at the Telstra Business Centre West Sydney guide you on your NBN journey, from start to finish we will ensure you receive the highest level of customer service.

Our Team can also help you take advantage of the faster speeds by helping you get in the cloud, utilise Microsoft Office365 and better connect your mobile and tablet devices.

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