Did You Know that Every Business is Now in the “Entertainment Business”?

by John North ADP FIPA,

One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners and CEO’s is to reach their target market with their key marketing messages. Over the past five years there has been many significant changes in the way marketing is done.

The new age of marketing means that almost every business is now in the “Attention Getting Business” and even further in the entertainment business! Prospects no longer just want to read about what you do they want to engage with you online in an entertaining way long before they consider doing business with you.

Some startling facts that is driving this change buying culture.

• Mobile Drives over 50% of all ecommerce traffic
• Facebook has a bigger population than China!
• Over 50% of the World’s population is under 30 Years old
• 53% of Millennials would rather lose their sense of smell than their technology
• More people own a mobile device than a toothbrush
• By 2018 video will account for over 2/3 of mobile usage

Ten years ago marketers estimated the average attention span of a person was around twenty minutes. Mainly because there was no technology interrupting them. Maybe the telephone might ring or they would get a fax. Today there are so many distractions including SMS, emails, Social Media and a people are more “on demand” than ever. This means today the average person’s attention span is down to around nine seconds.

Over the past few years, massive platforms have emerged like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, LinkedIn, Apple, Android and gathered millions of daily users. All of them fighting every day for the attention of the public and when you look at the majority of content is entertainment based.

The best test for any website is to apply the 9 second rule using what I call your lizard brain and see if it would really convert a visitor to a lead. Almost every time most websites fail the test, that’s because they haven’t realised the real reason for their website. Whilst a brochure style site may lend itself to creditability it only works if someone is more interested in your business than a casual visitor. The challenge for the traditional website is upsurge of mobile traffic. That’s why Google recently started to play hard ball and said very clearly that if you website didn’t comply with mobile friendly standards they wouldn’t rank you well anymore. But what will happen is that business owners will simply mobilise their website and think the job is now done.

The fact that the short attention span and a desire to be entertained means that without a proper mobile strategy you are simply going to lose business because on a small device no-one wants to read a lot of text.

Facebook recently changed the way they allow followers of your business page, essentially they want you to pay for your marketing messages and your posts to your page may not be seen by a large percentage of your likes. Why do this? Consider that up to 70 percent of Facebook users now access via their mobile device and the traffic is climbing why lose significant revenue on business page posts that they could charge for. Facebook revenues grew to $3.85 Billion in the most recent quarter but they actually served less ads. That’s because they raised their prices by 335 percent. That’s because they captured the market on mobile and become the primary entertainment and news source for over a billion users. Have you noticed lately the dramatic increase in video on Facebook? Again it’s all about getting and keeping the attention of their users.

The battle for online leads is coming down to who is prepared to spend the most on Ads. But there is a better and much lower cost way.
It’s all about quality entertaining content across all the platforms on a consistent way. But at the same time being very clear about who your target market is. That way you have a laser focus on the tactics you will employ.

We call this strategy the 3 M’s

The vital import part of this strategy is to get the steps done in the right order. Often marketers will start on the media (method of marketing) and try to make the other steps fit.

So the question to ponder, what is your Digital Marketing Strategy and have you considered that you can’t be boring, you have to attract prospects attention on their chosen platform and then engage or entertain them long enough to read the message you are sending. The cold hard reality is that if your business isn’t focusing on purpose driven strategy by entertaining your prospects then you will lose market share to the ones who do.

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