Unique Business Opportunity

Let’s be honest.  Who, at least once, hasn’t thought about running his or her own media business with magazines, graphic designers, printing abilities, web development projects?  All these different interesting people surround you and your brand is known to everyone because You are the Media.

Unfortunately, these days different mediums vanish from the market space.  Actually, is it really so unfortunate?  No, let’s start again.  Rather, many media businesses disappear from the market place. Reasons for their failure vary, but they all stem from the same point– adaptation.  They cannot adjust themselves to the rapidly altering dynamics and adopt necessary changes.

We, at GWP Media, started with the one product we had fourteen years ago – an online business directory.  Back then, it was very difficult to find one website designer who would have a properly developed online directory business. There were far too many, they were all empty and redundant.
I managed to sell 15-20 annual packages. One of my clients asked me to give my customers a printed one. This idea turned into several publications we developed during the last ten years after an initial investment of $36.  All the other services we run today evolved from our clients’ requests.

During the last couple of years we were carefully developing a concept where we can start providing GWP Media Licenses to people who are ready to run their independent media business or to run it in conjunction with us.

First steps in any business are quite harsh, especially in the media industry. You don’t really have a product to sell which people can touch, feel and instantly want. You don’t have an absolutely necessary service like accounting, plumbing and others which people know and need from time-to-time.  The only thing you have is your-beautiful-self and your marvellous ideas which not everybody is that keen to know about.

We’ve undertaken those hard yards for you. We have two major in-house publications and approximately a hundred distribution points for them.  Websites are created and all professionals are here in-house to satisfy the needs of our clients. Now is the time to come and grab your GWP Media License. Licenses have a great advantage over franchises – they are free of charge.

You do not need to have any experience in publishing, printing, website and graphic design.  I’m an oceanographer and never ran any business before – this is my first one. We will provide training, office space, computer, telephone—the whole media business set up.

GWP Media Licensing concepts are based on the idea of creating an affordable, yet very effective/profitable system with strong links between head office and licensees, and a unique and exciting opportunity to build your own media company.

A smart person once told me: “There is no harm to talk”. Come, have a look and talk to us about this opportunity. Together we stand.

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