Sharing Your Business Success

Last year was tough for business. The challenge is to be out there demonstrating enthusiasm and success to our clients, business associates and staff.

Rod Cullen, Dealer Principal in Lander Toyota does exactly that. One of the exciting events for which he is renowned is the Lander Toyota Ladies Day Cup at the Hawkesbury Racecourse.

Food is always superb complimenting the intimacy and fun of a private room with a great view. Because it’s Toyota’s day, guests enjoy the opportunities to be more closely associated with the colour and excitement of racing at the picturesque course.

Being at the starting point, is an unforgettable experience with the spectacle and sound associated with pre-race preparation, then the buzz of the first moments of the race from a distance of just a few metres.

It’s also a great way for Rod’s guests to establish new business contacts and improve the old ones.

In this manner dynamic leaders in the private sector can promote their own enterprises entertaining others and in the process attend as many quality business events as possible.

We are planning to bring our Business Calendar back with the support of major partners. This will improve time management in your enterprise and make your business networking plans more targeted and efficient.

For the coming year we all face challenges. That is the nature of what we do in private enterprise. Creating greater opportunities by looking outside the square is not as hard as you think and you can also enjoy doing it!

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