Investments, Investors and Outsourcing Government

GWP Media was a media sponsor of the China-Australia Investment Conference held in Sydney on 27 September. The event, organised by media company SY Marketing, brought together Australian business leaders and major Chinese investors. The organisation, venue and service were superb, providing an inestimable opportunity to meet the elite of the Australian/Chinese business community, and business people from China, keen to invest in Australia on a large scale. There were about two hundred people at the Conference.

The pronounced absence of government representatives was extremely disappointing.  My understanding of Asian cultures, suggests that this apparent disinterest can be interpreted as both disrespectful and insulting on a personal level.

The only elected representative on hand was Dai Le, a councillor from the Fairfield City Council. As a very pro-active representative, she is always on the lookout for more opportunities that might benefit her region.

But no one else from one of the forty-eight Greater Sydney local councils, none from State or Federal Government, nor any from the multiple business and economy-related departments, ministries, so-called business support organisations, those which are government-funded. And these are so often the people who blather on about the importance of maximising investment opportunities!

Prompted by the official disinterest, one of the guest speakers who had intended to deliver his speech in English, reverted to Mandarin. There was no harm done to us, representing the investor-hungry part of the Australian economy, SY Marketing provided enough individual interpreters to all.

It seems like government at every level, irrespective of which side of politics is holding the economic steering wheel, has lost complete touch, and sadly, this trend appears to be getting worse.

International politics is chaotic. Those who were friends of Australia a year ago, are terrorists today. Support of violent “revolutions” and replacement of democratically-elected governments is somehow democracy at its best. We are jumping from one war into another because Big Brother said so and keep supporting murderous regimes it installs in one country after another.

The Australian economy is in deep trouble. This is hardly news and not a secret for us, but it’s not the case for government at all levels. They still live in an old, “lucky country” enjoying all its benefits at our expense. It would be interesting to find out the cost of all jobs that they outsourced overseas. In simple terms, it’s our money that left and went to support other economies. They call it international co-operation and integration. This isn’t the case with other nations.

It’s great to outsource, it will save taxpayers’ precious resources. In fact, this will save us from those jobs we can’t do here for whatever reason and from seeing our taxes working for us, and in our economy.

Then a thought came to me; what if we outsource our government. Two benefits, at least, there are.  First, our economy will save considerable sums of money. Secondly, the government will be located overseas where they can carry on with their debates, accusations and dead-boring arguments for the sake of “earning” some extra points in polls, all of which they can enjoy from their outsourced electorate!

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