A New Magazine in the GWP Magazines Family

tNEXT Magazine will be launched in September. This joint venture of TAFE WSI and GWP Media was almost two years in the making.

The purpose of tNEXT is to fill the communication void, permitting business people to engage with young professionals, having TAFE connect with their students and imminent school leavers and most importantly, providing a conduit designed to fit young people embarking on a career with the requisite knowledge to make informed choices as to what skills are in demand and where those skills can be obtained and honed.

There are 160,000 students in TAFE WSI alone. Right now, 300,000 high school students are asking questions about their options for tertiary education and future career paths. They will be in the workforce in three to five years, paying taxes, and over their working lives, running companies and making decisions of great significance to this country.  Other than “celebrity lifestyle” magazines, there is nothing of compelling, readable value to keep them informed.

In tNEXT magazine, young future professionals and the people around them will insightfully navigate Sydney’s business and industry world and help them understand and evaluate critical steps they must take to build rewarding careers commensurate with their capacities and interests.

With ten issues a year, the information will keep coming, constantly updating, expanding and stimulating their underlying interest in the working world they are about to enter.

Every issue will include a success story of one of many TAFE graduates. There are to be regular features on research projects being undertaken in and around Western Sydney. Pages will be allocated to ‘Planning to Start a Business’. This feature will be of interest to thousands of young budding entrepreneurs completing their final years of study. TAFE WSI will be providing important information about courses and TAFE’s learning processes.

The magazine is also a wonderful opportunity for ambitious young students to participate in a real commercial project and put their finger on the pulse of local business and industry. tNEXT targets the need to participate in our regional development by focussing on our young adults and their future.

Potential sponsors and advertisers have a great opportunity to partner with tNEXT, helping to provide students with a confident platform from which they can launch themselves into a successful career. This is an exciting pathway providing a credible roadmap of to engage with these important people and excite them about the potential of our region as they plan for their future.

Influencing students’ ideas and their future spending patterns will be an inevitable result of good journalism, modern stimulating design and intelligent advertising. Not only will tNEXT reach the students, but also three thousand TAFE staff, who are vital reagents in their future. The magazine will be available to 300,000 high school students and their families, regional apprenticeship organisations, seventeen hundred Western Sydney Institute Business Partners and business leaders in the region.

For students who intend to seek employment in their chosen field, there will be articles about opportunities and about students from earlier years who have found career success in Western Sydney and beyond. tNEXT will naturally highlight job offers and advertise positions vacant. It will contain articles and carry advertisements which are of interest to young professionals and to those who have recently upgraded their skills to seek work promotion and higher salaries.
The other great opportunity is for business leaders and Industry managers to reach the next generation of talent that will drive Western Sydney to its destiny for growth and prosperity. tNEXT offers a unique conduit to put ideas for products and services in front of this exciting group of young professionals and entrepreneurs.

And don’t forget about our serious concern on youth unemployment that we spend so much time talking about. Endless business breakfasts, lunches, other events, articles and reports will not do a bit to change the current situation if we sit on our hands. Let’s do something about it!

Please visit www.tnextmagazine.com.au for more information and contact us to be involved and make a difference.

Have a great day. Take care of yourselves and your clients.

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