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Today I’ll share some of my own knowledge and experience, which came from you – our readers and advertisers.

You all ask yourselves: “Where should I go to advertise my business? Which publication is the right one? Will the information about my business reach potential clients?” In simple terms there is only one question – how can I find the right publisher to promote my business?

We know how ugly, wet and dirty promotional material (flyers, catalogues, etc.) looks when hanging out of over-stuffed mail boxes. How many times have you seen packs of magazines, newspapers and catalogues still in strapped printer’s bundles dumped in the street, inside office buildings or simply in a handy rubbish bin? Someone has paid for them! – they are business people like you and me, sometimes it’s actually you … and your business marketing material.

I would like to introduce you to some ‘common sense’ points to help you make a better decision when you are in the process of choosing a medium for your next marketing campaign. All these facts are from my own personal experience.

Readership – the people who read or are thought to read a particular book, newspaper, magazine, etc.

Ask your service provider where their readership numbers have been taken from. This should be independently audited data and nothing less. Between you and me, I still don’t trust this information anyway, unless it’s based on paying subscribers. Readership can be presented in a very misleading way. Thinking about it, who can actually count every person reading a newspaper or a magazine? Just because a publication has been received by mail or stuffed into a mailbox it doesn’t mean it’s been read. In many cases management multiplies the circulation of their publication by three and claims this number as their readership.

Circulation – the number of copies of a newspaper or magazine that are distributed.

This is a very important statistic for a publication. This number shows the quantity of copies actually delivered. Please note, this number can be less than the number of newspapers or magazines produced. Ask your publisher for proof of the number of copies circulating or at least printed. This could be in the form of audited data and/or a tax invoice from their printing supplier.

Distribution – the process of making a product or service available to be read by a consumer or business.

Any sheet of paper is a medium when someone writes a message on it. The value of such a medium depends on how many people are interested enough to read it and on the method by which the message was delivered. Assume for example, that a publication has the best look and the best articles ever, but the delivery system is not working. Would you advertise your business with this medium? I’m sure your answer would be ‘no’. This great look and valuable content must be delivered to the readership – your potential new clients, in order for it to be useful. Ask for a proven distribution figure.

Please consider my advice about any advertising or promotional publications in the market place and check your publisher’s information carefully. The good ones will be happy to provide all necessary statistical information supported by their suppliers, readers, clients, contributors and their advertisers. Make a wise decision.

Have a great day. Take care of yourselves and your clients.

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