Democracy in the Twenty First Century

Lately I have been thinking seriously about the future of our country and possible developments on the worldwide political stage. And these thoughts are not of the happiest kind – I am rather concerned I have to admit. Twenty-first century democracy has turned into an ugly beast and it ain’t getting any better-looking as things progress!

It was not such a long time ago that the US claimed to posses enough evidence that Iraq had a massive arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. They quickly decided that they had the right to start a war without expending too much diplomatic effort to try to avoid it. There were mass condemnations, warnings, sanctions and requests to surrender all chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a supporter of Saddam – I’m just not a supporter of wars. What was disturbing for me back then was the fact that we were only shown 3D models (cartoons) of bunkers and mobile devices with laboratories, missiles and other evils happening in Iraq. Supposedly, Iraqi people were screaming for freedom and democracy. If they wanted a democracy, they’ve got it!

They are not screaming too much anymore. A lot of them lost their lives. The rest can’t be heard because of the sounds of cannons firing, rockets flying, buildings crashing to the ground in clouds of dust, human bodies bursting into millions of tiny pieces…the bodies of suicide bombers and thousands of democracy-hungry (or so they thought) citizens.

Later there was the Arab Spring development, looking like another much bigger and better organised blood-bath. But all these events were somewhere “over there”, not here, not with us. I mean ‘not in our back yard’ for Australians, Europeans and the rest of the developed and democratic alliance of First World Countries.

As we are all aware, Australia is ‘the lucky country’. Now the degree of our luck is even higher due to our isolated geographic location.

Recently (the wheels were actually in motion many years ago) American and European democracies took on another project … turning Ukraine into a ‘real democratic state’. This time it was a great mistake.

Have you ever asked yourself why western governments only condemn and never act on North Korea? All this rhetoric about abuses of human rights there, never comes to anything … there’s never any action. Take a moment to think about this…

During the last few years the US has invested five billion (!) dollars into the so-called democratisation of Ukraine.

Yet all Ukrainian elected governments are getting progressively worse, but surprise-surprise, there had never been a war there after the collapse of the Soviet Union, until ‘democracy’ arrived. We’ve seen appearances by John Kerry and John McCain shakings hands with people wearing Nazi insignia, Victoria Nuland has been handing out cookies to people on the streets of Kiev… It’s not easy to follow.

So what is the real story? Peaceful Ukrainian demonstrators started their protests against President Yanukovych several months ago. But it was not enough for Nazi radicals, who began riots four weeks ago which quickly escalated into a small scale civil war with the use of firearms. A hundred civilians are dead, about twenty law enforcement personnel have been killed and a thousand wounded and burned. Even in the opinion of European ministers and members of the EU Parliament, those protesters were killed by their own leaders with the intention of deepening the crisis. The new self-proclaimed Nazi government prohibited the use of the Russian language (the language which is used by more than 50% of the population), members of parliament are calling to start hanging those who do not agree with them… they have brought the country to breaking-point, now they have lost Crimea. Radicals who were robbing banks and looting buildings have been enlisted to become troops in the new National Guard. Kids are not allowed to play Tchaikovsky or Mussorgsky, because they are Russian composers. This is only a tiny part of what has come about as a result of this “democratic processes” with a Nazi face.

The events of the last five weeks has demonstrated something that not one of the “investors” could ever have foreseen, even in their worst nightmares.

As for Australia, we need to choose our friends wisely and consider friendships by observing what our ‘friends’ do, not what they say.

Have a great day. Take care of yourselves and your clients.

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