Bon Appétit, Ladies and Gentlemen

People who know me well can not believe I don’t watch news on TV as much as I used to. I keep reading newspapers where I can be a bit more selective of what information to uptake and what to ignore. News reports on TV, where you can’t select who to listen to, are becoming not just incredibly frustrating but can also be massively misleading.

Someone told me recently that politics are not related to business matters. I was very much surprised to hear this at the time. Now, I’m even more surprised that a mature individual running a business can have such an opinion. These days our government is taxing Australian businesses more and more, destroying their competitiveness on a daily basis and at the same time is trying to convince the very same businesses to “talk the economy up”. The connection between politics and business is clear. Healthy politics means healthy business and economy. Defective thinking politicians do not allow business to perform and as a result the economy goes down the drain. What could be easier to understand?

One of the mistakes of the current federal government is that they think they can fix the economy just by “talking it up”. The reality is that you can’t convince the economy to behave better. False confidence alone will not solve the underlying issue.

However, you can bring all the achievements of the previous government down pretty easily. It’s also very easy to blame hard working business people who pay most of the taxes and employ 80% of the Australian population. It’s a cheap claim made by politicians that they have “created x number of work places”, when in reality they have no idea  how to start a company and employ someone at their own expense.

I have taken notice that members of the current government definitely enjoy making a “public enemy” out of business people in the mining industry. How much of our money have they already spent and how much more will they spend to make mining operators look like they are stealing the “people’s share” for their own benefit? All this after they have invested and risked their own wealth, and encouraged foreign investors to invest into the “massively performing” Australian economy. How dare they collect a profit that supposedly belongs to the people?

Unfortunately for all of us, politicians can’t stop talking about their achievements in growing our economy 60% during the last four years – while trying to make it appear that they are protecting us from the still debatable threat of global warming. They’re doing this at our expense and providing Australians with increased electricity prices for a brighter future. The future won’t look so bright when businesses have to start turning their lights off.

Have a look around you. Local shops, restaurants and retailers are closing down in droves. Larger companies are laying off employees by the thousands. On a daily basis you hear a story of a major enterprise struggling with debts.

Our government has a tendency to come up with an endless number of excuses. They blamed the downturn in the global economy, the situation in Greece, the banana crisis, Tony Abbott and the whole of the Opposition and even hard-working struggling business people. “Ill-informed commentators” and “sceptics”, like myself, are the ones to blame for all the failures in the economy, the flood of criminals arriving from overseas on a daily basis, world highest electricity prices, the level of mismanagement of public funds and increasingly growing country’s debt. They forgot themselves as people’s employees whose duty is to serve and protect (us, Australians, not new illegal arrivals and fellow politicians). They need a very deep and serious auditing and comparison of what they’ve done and how much they have been paid. I have no doubt the result would not be in their favour.

Let’s apply an old proven principle to our politicians: ”He who does not work, neither shall he eat.”

Bon Appétit, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Have a great day and take care of yourselves and your clients.

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