A Dried-out Bone, a Puppet Show and an International Travelling Circus for Australian People

It is looking like it is becoming a fashion for quite a number of people to assume the title of Earth Scientist or at least Climatologist without any formal degree or training. ETS (Emission Trading Scheme) is the “sweetest bone” given to the Australian people by the government. It appears to be very convenient for our government to discuss the same topic over and over, day-after-day and completely ignore other obligations before the electorate. I cannot remember the last time when there was a discussion on TV in regards to problems and possible improvements in our health and education sectors… Who cares! We are leading the mission to save the World and all its living creatures from the Climate Change.

The evolution of the NSW government appears to have peaked – we have a “Puppet” in charge with our multi-billion dollar economy. This is not my saying – it is a political term coined after the events in NSW Government that took place in the early days of December last year. This term is meant to denote the definite failure in the future of some particular politician. Furthermore, on the subject of the governmental dictionary, the Federal Government recently prohibited the use of some words (e.g. Dreadful, Inept, Mismanagement, Reckless, Incompetence, Irresponsible) in any documents created using the Commonwealth Printing Allowance. The former premier was clearly not using the “Allowance” when he was describing his party comrade in his very short, but very colourful press conference – and the “Puppet” is not one of the prohibited words anyway, so it’s not illegal.

How much time has our PM spent in this country for the last two years and how much is his overseas spending bill? He could easily run a very successful international travelling circus as a full-time business. It is quite easy to be a PM in one country and look busy saving the entire Planet at the expense of the Australian taxpayer. Unlike our personal and business budgets – his one seems to be virtually unlimited, due to money growing on trees in the “Garden of Labor”. Or, he spent too much time studying his overseas communist comrades who have absolute power to do as they wish and the people’s opinion frankly does not matter.

All the above is a clear indicator that the current governments – Federal or State – are dreadful, inept, incompetent, irresponsible and reckless in mismanaging these issues.

This could be quite funny if it weren’t so sad.

Have a great day. Take care of yourselves and your clients.

Dmitry Greku
GWP Magazine Issue #28, Jan-Feb 2010

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